Customer Area

Technical services

Our facilities are quipped to offer repairs and maintenance to all makes and models of vehicles. With a dedicated staff capable to handle all kind of vehicle major work, including painting, mechanical and electrical work.

Vehicle enhancement & personalization

Bespoke works for all type of vehicles, from small upgrades to full build-ups.

Mechanical and Electronic repairs

Wide variety of test equipment and expert mechanics for any level of repairs.

Fleet transformation

Tailor-made solutions for small and large fleets of vehicles.

Diagnosis, Quality Control

Innovative system and expert team to identify and handle any defects in the vehicles.

Repairing of damages

Small- and large-scale repairs for damages (weather, transportation, accidents…)


Adaptation of car technology systems, installation of hardware and equipment updates.

Equipment & human expertise

Technical Center & PDI services

Added Value Services

Washing of vehicles

Cleaning operation adapted for medium and big fleets with competitive rates.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Complete car PDI made a full in our facilities before releasing to the dealership or final client.

BMSB treatment

Fumigation and seasonal treatments for any type of insect.

Long Stay Maintenance

Facilities and personnel prepared to take on the requirements for long stays

Wrap-Guard Fitting & Removal

We handle the set-up and removal of extra protection material for the vehicles.

Finishing operations for direct client delivery

Preparation and customization of vehicles on-site.