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Autoterminal Barcelona

The Southern Gateway of Europe

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Autoterminal is a multimodal terminal with standards of high efficiency and quality in its operations handling vehicles loaded and unloaded from ships, trucks and trains.

Technical Center

A state-of-the-art center with over 9,000 sqm specialised in major repairs, large-scale customising, mounting, assembly, maintenance and mechanical and electronic services of the highest level.

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Electric vehicles

The Autoterminal facilities are prepared to handle any EV, having charging points with 3 compatible connector types plus trained and certified operators.

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Port Terminal Facilities

The autoterminal Barcelona storage capacity is above 40.000 units

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Transhipment hub & multimodal connectivity

Managing and promoting the car and ro-ro business since 1990.

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H&H and RoRo

H&H and RoRo operations experts.

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Added value services

Several specific services offered for the automotive industry.

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IT Services

Operations are supported by advanced technologies, which allow their monitoring in real time thanks to our in-house software and Android devices.

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